Sunday, May 12, 2019

News Media Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

password Media Analysis - Essay ExampleThe audience was also involved with their input made through a live chat on the anchors Twitter page ( From the onset, the presentation was all inclusive with the guest granted equal come abouts to express their opinions on the Democrat republican divide. The target audience were handsome voting Americans with guests discussing issues related to the upcoming US presidential elections. Being a sunrise tell, the stories were too semi governmental with very minimal enlightening material. My opinion of a morning show is that it should get comprehensively informative with highlights of major news at the start of the bulletin and later focus on core egress of discussion. This was not the case with politics being the sole top of discussion. With several other issues touching and of importation to the audience totally ignored. With regards to the political target audience, the newscast did half justice. Evaluation into what would w oo the Latino and women voters was swell up disused with the guests providing comprehensive insights into the task ahead for the presidential candidates if they were to win these two constituencies. Sue Kelly who was representing the voice of the Republican Party and women voters provided a comprehensive statistical breakdown of the performance of women in congress over the age in relation to the GOP and the Democratic Party which was of only of intersect to find out, but also left viewers more informed. Chuck on the other hand made contributions that provided viewers with a chance to take a journey through the mind of a Latino voter and as it morose out, immigration was a major determinant of the voting patterns of the Hispanics. The broad cast was specially very presbyopic with the political discussion lasting over 30 minutes which is not proper for a morning show that should always provide very brief and informative insights into the days main events and precede the viewer s with the urge for more. That was not the case in this broadcast. The provision of viewers input through a live chat was of particular significance as it provided the all inclusiveness required in a political debate. There were five commercials and these were very appropriate as they all targeted an adult audience. Commercials on fitness were particularly relevant given the time of broadcast. The commercials were on fitness equipments, breakfast food products, cars and travel with unrivaled arouse on a transatlantic airline. These commercials served the intended purpose of reaching the target audience since viewers of the show are adults who make purchase decisions on what their families have for breakfast, their fitness issues, travel options and the brand of car to purchase. The commercials were stock-still few given the duration of the broadcast. There should have been numerous ads during the political discussion to break the humdrum of argument that went on. The informality of the set was equally unappealing the anchor conversed quite informally with very conflicting interruptions that were mostly personal as the debate went on at some point telling one of the guests, Mr. Chuck about where and how young she was in 19988 when the later made reference to the year to provide historic information on the past administrations

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