Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Information Communication Technology in Agriculture Essay

Information Communication engineering science in Agriculture - Essay ExampleIn injure of using current existing technology production is coming out poor, which means there atomic number 18 some critical factors that are affecting it. In this paper various come outes ordain be taken to sort out the key aspires of this issue. Farmers will be interviewed directly or indirectly in prepare to get their viewpoints about whether they are receiving proper data and knowledge or not or the information given to them is sufficient and understandable or not. After proper survey Information Communication Technology (ICT) will be used to rectify them. This paper mostly concentrates on different scopes of ICT in the domain of agriculture.Urbanization which directly affects the agricultural fine-tune. Before urbanization proper knowledge of land management is necessary. read one land that can accommodate 100 persons adequately but due to improper land management only 50 peoples are gettin g placed. It results into increase in urban area unnecessarily. This enigma can be solved using information technology where, peoples habits, tastes and lifestyles are studied and according to that optimal residential area can be defined.Climatic changes like flood drought, weather changes also sustain impacts on foods1. Todays technology that can be used for sophisticated statistical calculation in rove to get idea of climatic change and based on that, steps are taken.The most grave factor is lacking ... The most important factor is lacking of proper knowledge among the public regarding the burst using of resources. Here Information Communication Technology (ICT) plays one vital role. ICT is the best tool for share-out knowledge among erecters. Establishing rural nedeucerk will enhance farmers idea exchanging capability. Apart from that using remote farm consulting system through camera and wireless, adequate information can be delivered.Research QuestionsResearch marriage proposal starts with research question or hypothesis. For this study research questions are1. What are the basic problems that agriculture manufacturing is facing today2. Will Information Communication Technology (ICT) work better for these cases3. If yes to question 2 then till what extent it will serve our purposeObjectivesThe main purpose of this research is to suck in how information communication technology will be used for better agricultural purposes. This research will address the problems related to farmers awareness and usage of ICT to overcome the issues. The direction of this work will have two three major phases as research questions. First one is going through existing literatures and tools to point out the core problems, the basic variables which are responsible for that degradation and also the extent they are affecting. arcminute phase will be checking whether ICT can make any improvement over the existing ones. have and survey will be done in this stage. After researcher is confident enough with ICT approach finally, several methodologies will be proposed to implement the idea and then execution of these solutions will be done. rule The above figures are examples illustrating the utilization of land

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