Monday, May 6, 2019

Individual reflection and personal development plan Essay

Individual check and personal development plan - Essay ExampleIn the New Year resolution, I sit down reflecting over my life I clearly came up with various goals which I have plotted to achieve in different phases. Some of the key goals I need to achieve in my indoctrinate and a professional life include getting a high shoot in my exams, bonnie the best graduate in finance and method of accounting department, acquiring recomm finisation letter by the end of the semester and finally getting a job with unity of the leading government developmental project.I mulish to set these specific goals because they will be easier to achieve than vague ended goals (Lyons, 2010). I have know that being focused on a path gives someone a logical set of actions to follow. So each and every accomplishment leads me one step closer to the final goalGetting a high score on my exams since I joined this college, I have been strictly adhering to my reading judgment of conviction table and managing m y time well. This has enabled me to score high marks in my set-back and second year. As I start my third year in this college, I plan to attend more group sermon as this will help me in carrying out my course projects (Smith,Rawling & Jones,2007).This will essentially help me to score high marks in my final exams. As a result, I willachieve one of my key goals.Attaining a letter of recommendation Concerning the letter of recommendation, I have contacted the department of finance and accounting throughaccounting lecturer, who is also my mentor. The department has assured me that by the end of the semester, they willissue recommendation letters to all third year students. So there is a high hope that by the end of the semester I willacquire my recommendation letter, which will assist me in my attempt to securing a job.Being the best graduate in school of accounting and finance earlier in the first year, I realized that to be the best graduate in any department does

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