Saturday, May 11, 2019

Discussion Board - Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Discussion Board - Ethics - quiz ExampleUsing a quotation partially is a very widely spread and formally allowed technique in scientific writing, however, I am aw be of the fact that like this, its authors position might be distorted (either voluntarily or non-voluntarily, as people a great deal pass to interpret opinions of others and see what they want to see). In other words, a part of quotation that is taken surface of the context, dope serve to support virtually any statement or idea. That is why I choose, musical composition writing my papers, to keep in mind the norms and guidelines of scientific ethics, which presupposes that I should only use quotations when I am 100% sure that it truly reflects the idea of its author.Dilemma 2. One more issue of ethical point of reference that I want to talk about is something that I never participated in personally but seen it in a family of my close friend and considered it quite a complicated dilemma. The problem is the one of pu tting sr. people into nursing homes. To my strong belief, immemorial people most of all contract care and love, their family that can provide them with the feeling of security, safety, stability, and being needed. On the other hand, many aged people who are much helpless sometimes refuse to move in with their children or grandchildren. As a result, many families with elderly relatives often find themselves in a sort of vicious circle they know that their old ones need help, but cannot give this help because, say, their parents or grandparents do not want to move in with them, and the kids cannot break enough of their time to the aged people. In this situation, many families prefer to turn to nursery homes that very often provide even better conditions than many people have at home. Elderly people are given full medical care there, they are free from any household duties and have multitude of opportunities to spend their time with people of their own

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