Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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While reading The Best American Comics 2013 I came across Terry Moores written and illustrated Rachel Rising which is an invigorating horror comic excerpt where a beautiful woman named Rachel Beck awakes from a shallow overweight weirdy her way free, mostly dead with no clue how she ended up there or who strangled her to death. The excerpt is a short representation of the near comic series and a must say this is an exhilarating piece of artwork that leaves you away on a cliff hanger, which had me hungry for more. Similarly to the excerpt, e very issue basically ends on a cliff hanger. The story is meant to be long-term, slow-build storytelling, like comic and TV show The Walking Dead. Let me start off by saying there are 3 complete volumes with 6 issues in each of them which include The Shadow of Death, Fear No genus Malus, Cemetery Songs and it doesnt just stop with just those volumes there are more issues still coming out to this day and I think I will keep on reading the m. With that said, the excerpt from The Best American Comics used a small part from the beginning of issue one where Rachel arises from her shallow 6 inch grave but the excerpt continues from the start of the second issue where she meets her Aunt Johnny to convince that she is in deep trouble and someone tried to kill her. in that location is so much story packed in these pages of Rachel Raising that the excerpt did the comic series no justice, there were some details left tongueless and somewhat confusing. The structure and nature of the story dictate that you find yourself a bit confused, the fact that you fight through the confusion to savor the answers is what makes the series a success. Especially with the excerpt being so short, there was not enough information ... ...ned gruesomely, she awakes Rachel from her grave, provokes the little kid Zoe to cause death and mayhem in the townspeople of Mason, but Lilith main objective is REVENGE. It seems that all the main charact ers are women and most of them die and come back from the dead. Little did you know, Rachel was one of the 4 witches from those trials that got the worst of it. Rachel title-holder Jet died too and came back to life the same way Rachel did. The little girl Zoe is actually holding a demon in her body named Malus the root word which means Evil. Malus promised Lilith to obliterate the town of Mason 300 years ago. They are all connect together and sooner or later in the series their complex history finally catches up with them all. Rachel Rising exhilarating horror-comic series that I will continue to read until the very end, I just cant wait to get my hands on the next one.

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