Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Low-risk 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Low-risk 3 - Essay ExampleTheir rights were even taken mop up their own property. If married, men would have the right to take the decision about the divorce all time. They were not even provided with proper standard of living, no matter which status they belonged to, they were always treated cruelly with no luxuries of life, and in some cases, not even complete necessities of life until in 1848, a number of 30 men and more than 150 women gathered at Seneca Falls, New York, in order to protest for the rights of women.It was afterward that, that the women were given their rights. Seneca Falls declaration proposed that all such laws should be abolished which are against the rights of the women. These laws included the laws of happiness of women, it say at first, that any such law that is stated against the comfort, pleasure, luxuries and happiness of women shall not exist. Further, no authority shall impel women to against her will or conscience. Women are equal to men, as this me ssage is of the Creator of all human beings. Therefore, any woman should not, in any case, be treated wickedly and forced to declare that she is happy and agreeable with her life. Moreover, women shall be provided with all the necessities of life, including freedom to proper education and anything else that she wishes to do. Women shall be treated delicately and shall not be made fun of. Finally, women are equal to men in every sense, bearing same(p) responsibilities and same capabilities therefore it is the right of every woman to promote any noble cause for the welfare of the society. (Martin

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