Sunday, June 16, 2019

Why Information Assurance (IA) is Important to our Organization Essay

Why cultivation Assurance (IA) is Important to our Organization - Essay ExampleInformation assurance provides the basis that a earnings system should meet the stipulated security expectations. A network system that meets these goals is less vulnerable to unaccredited penetration and attacks. In practical, every system is vulnerable to unauthorized penetration and attacks unless it is switched off or not connected to network. Information assurance is closely related to education security and the terms atomic number 18 sometimes employ interchangeably. Information assurances broader connotation also includes reliability and emphasizes strategic risk management over tools and tactics Wikipedia.According to Tulloch (2003), Information assurance is the answer of protecting and defending information systems and infrastructures against attack. Here assurance means confidence that the security features of a product or system fulfill their stated aims. Information assurance provides po licies and procedures for developing, testing, and implementing information products in a secure fashion. These policy contains several dos and not dos that every staff of the validation have to follow. In addition these policies are constantly monitored by IA staff. Information assurance in general focuses on five elements of information security and they are authentication, availability, confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability are often viewed as core elements of information security and are generally referred to as the CIA triad. An increasingly popular approach for ensuring information assurance is the Common Criteria & Methodology for Information Technology Security Evaluation, an international effort to standardize criteria for evaluating the security of information systems outlined in the ISO 15408 standard. Tulloch 2003, p.143Information be the driving tool of every business and network connectivity on ground to boost pr oductivity means that more people

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