Saturday, June 15, 2019

Application essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Application - Essay ExampleSecondly, during the beginning of the last semester, I joined the Emory Volunteer Program. I have learnt a lot through the activities of the program. In addition, we had an opportunity to visit Furkid, an animal shelter that takes care of cats. The event was successful we touched the lives of a number of animals. Another opportunity arose to visit Atlanta PAWS, a shelter for homeless dogs. We fed and cleaned the dogs eon presenting a number of items for them. The management of the center was very pleased with our kindness while applauding the Emory fraternity for the kind-hearted deed.Thirdly, I am a member of the Sunday school of Tzu Ching Emory. This is an internationally recognized humanitarian non-governmental organization it is the largest of its kind in the Chinese-speaking world. In addition, the nongovernmental organization has a special consultative status in the UN economic and social council. We meet every Sunday to plan for the activities of t he NGO as well as learning about its mandate. The motivation to join the NGO emanated from my strong passion for charity work.Fourthly, The Sight for Unit club attracted my attention while I was quiesce fresh at Emory. This club has offered me a spectacular opportunity to be of help to others. The clubs mandate is to mobilize resources in aid of stack that have lost sight and in need of help. Through the club, we have engaged in various money generating activities including selling of bubble tea and frigid yoghurt to the student community. This activity generated some substantial amount of money that we gave to Sight for Unit organization.Finally, this semester I founded the Emory Tea Ceremony club, a dream that came to me tardy last semester. The essence of having the club was to spread the Asian tea culture to the students at Emory. I am optimistic that the club will facilitate just celebration of cultural diversity at

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