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Destination Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Destination Management - Essay ExampleThe London underground is identified as the oldest underground railway existing throughout the world. London target be said to be in the consolidation of destination development. As mentioned it is rich in two natural and artificial attractions sites. Besides that it has vigorous tourism advertisements and promotion activities that are part of destination management efforts. For instance, outlines the lined-up activities events within London that appeals to people around the world. Visitors proceed to flock to London, and it is said to attract 27 million visitors who stay overnight annually (Beesley-De, 2013). 2. Approach to destination management Basically, destination management involves three primary(prenominal) phases, including development planning, market and management. Development planning involves assessing the potential of the destination, consultation and investment. Marketing involves research, target market, mi x and planning, and visits and yield. Management involves protecting resources, quality assurance and sustainable growth. Achieving these mode competitive tourism to a destination. However, it must be underscored that destinations are dynamic and always evolving (Swrabook, 1999). This means that London is a continuously evolving destination that will hand over something new or rebrand itself to appeal to as many visitors as possible. As indicated to a higher place London boasts of some of the most visited tourism sites around the world. Besides it has the needful facilities and amenities that support tourism. However, this success and sustainability of the same can only be achieved through consolidated efforts. There is a team responsible for development planning, marketing and management of London as a destination of tourism. This team comprises of appointees from the political sympathies of London and stakeholders in the tourism sector. This team is charged with identify what London can offer both naturally and artificially. The work of this team can be easily seen from the official visitors guide identified as Here a visitor can discover London, know things to do, where they can stay, travel information and special offers. This makes London one of the most organized tourism destinations that receives a high look of visitors in Europe and worldwide. 3. System of governance London is home for two levels of government the local and national government. However, it is the local government that is responsible for administration. The local government administration is divided into two tiers-a local tier and a citywide, strategic tier. The great London Authority (GLA) coordinated the citywide administration whereas 33 small authorities coordinate local administration. The GLA is made up of two elected arms of government the Mayor, who occupies an executive office and London assembly check city managers decisions and can reject or accept the mayors proposals annually (Beesley-De, 2013). The command market system operates in London. The government owns and operates a substantive portion of the factors of production. Infrastructure, including roads, airports, seaports and the underground railway system are owned and controlled by the government. At the same time, major tourism attraction sites as identified above are

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