Thursday, June 13, 2019

Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Journal - Essay Example6). In contrast, in the American culture, confidentiality and privacy are given importance. Therefore, it is un congenial to ask details more or less age, income, salary, or even personal details such as weight, among others. It is definitely uncomfortable for one to see or to experience people from other cultures behaving in ways perceived as unacceptable in one. For the particular example of public display of affection, people from Western culture deem it normal and acceptable to shake hands, embracing each other, hugging, as a sign of greeting or bidding goodbyes. The behavior, regarded as unacceptable in Arab culture, and even in rough Asian culture, should be revealed and known in the Western culture so that people would understand how to properly behave in day to day interactions without pique other people from diverse cultural orientations. As indicated in Echo Depiction, Arabs quickly gain a negative impression if one (even a westerner) behaves besid es open with a person of the opposite sex.Arabs could interpret that sort of behavior by their standards and consider the person to have low moral standards (par. 5).

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