Friday, June 21, 2019

Creative intelligence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Creative intelligence - Essay ExampleIt accentuates accomplishment, struggle, rationalism, past experience, and impersonate mindedness. Experiences play important role in intuitive personal manner because individuals move over decisions by comparing the present situation with a past one. This style is usually preferable for managers and politicians (Lewis, 1995). modernistic style focuses on questioning the traditional customs, they believe in determination, and experimentation. They make complete analysis of the data and they prefer willingness to work instead than hard work. Mostly people who like to experiment and believe anything to be true after experimenting possess this style of intelligence such as engineers and scientists. Mostly, peoples virtues argon persistence in the face of complications and people can find these virtues in their method of handling any complex situation with ease. Though work typeset plays a huge role in deciding how people perform but people wit h innovative style somehow convert their discomfort into opportunities and dumb manage to make out the best from them (Rowe, 2007). These kinds of people can contribute largely in the success of any organization because they possess the talent of cast the situation in their own favor however, they lack experience like intuitive ones. Combination of intuitive and innovative people can brighten the make of any organization.People possessing third style that is imaginative are able to envisage and make out opportunities, they are artistic, open-minded, and they are not afraid of taking risks and always think in a unique manner. This style describes astuteness and it belongs particularly to musicians, leaders, artists, writers and the ones who make their imagination and creativity their professions. These kinds of people are very primary for an organization as they like to take risks and organizations mostly lack these kinds of people. They give huge importance to their creativity and always make decision creatively kind of than unexcitingly (Proctor, 2010). The last style is inspirational intelligence, which has influences of change in community. They are willing to accept change and bring change, which is for the good of others. This style is mainly for individuals who commit some visions and missions in their minds such as t distributivelyers, leaders, and writers. If one compares four styles one finds that the intuitive people have insight in solving functional problems, Innovative individuals mostly take a long time to reach to a solution of problem because they analyze every aspect. Imaginative individuals use value judgments to make their decisions and the inspirational ones totally take into account the welfare of other people to make the decisions. When an organization has to make a decision urgently then it should onward motion intuitive individuals, however, when they have to identify the effects of certain problems in long term, they should con tact imaginative individuals. Although each of these styles describes a definite creative intelligence style, a mainstream of people have more than one creative intelligence style (Rowe, 2007). The level of strength for each style results in a conduct for each individual. This approach to creativity expands the possible number of creative intelligence styles. No one denies that it is beneficial to have more than one creative intelligence style because it would help to treat different types of problems at different

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