Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Geographic context, political and economic attributes and identify and Research Paper

Geographic context, political and economic attributes and identify and examine the forces that hook Australia into the spherical ec - inquiry Paper ExampleMost of the employment in the country takes place in the capital cities of the states. Moreover, the Australian Securities Exchange is ranked 9th in the world and it acts as the home of the largest commodity companies in the world such(prenominal) as Commonwealth Bank, Westpac Telstra and BHP Billiton. The country is besides a member of WTO, G20, APEC and OECD. In addition, globalization has allowed the country to memorialize into free trade agreements with countries such as Thailand, US, Chile, New Zealand and ASEAN (Lowtax). Therefore, the advances that have been observed in the global prudence have contributed to improved living standards and poverty reduction. Moreover, the economic integration among countries has played a vital theatrical role in terms of boosting the prosperity of nations. For example, the advances tha t have been observed in the global economy have allowed Australia to emergence its domestic competition thereby improving its economic performance significantly. Moreover, Australia is competitive world(prenominal)ly since it is regarded as unrivalled of the largest importer of goods and services (Economy Watch). Therefore, this paper will discuss the geographical, economic and political attributes that have allowed Australia to participate in the global economy effectively. ... The country has varied climatic conditions, incredible wildlife, beaches and fabulous landscapes which serve as tourist refinement sites for people who visit from diverse countries around the world. It has a low plateau which are either desert or semi-arid areas. It also has a fertile plateau in the south-east region. Moreover, it has large deposits of minerals which service the topical anaesthetic and international markets. The mining industry serves as the main driving force of the economy (Beer). The refore, the geographical context of Australia plays a vital role in terms of fostering the participation of Australia in the global economy. governmental attributes Though Australia appears to be isolated, it is an active participant in world politics. The political links of Australia are broadly speaking favored by its geographical location as well as the priorities that its sets with regard to trade and contrasted policies. For example, Australia is seen to be facing challenges in the near future. In this case, it is feared that the performance of the global economy may deteriorate. Australia also plays a vital role by impacting on the trends that are being realized in the international business environment. For example, the foreign policies in Australia impact on globalization and the transactions that are carried out internationally (Red Apple Education Ltd). The priority areas of Australia include the US and Asia-Pacific countries such as China and Japan. Australia is linked with opposite countries politically because of the viability of its international treaties, investment agreements, foreign affairs, trade agreements and defense treaties. Therefore, it is evident that Australia is a major histrion with regard to influencing the manner in which international business activities are

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