Thursday, April 25, 2019

Exercise as a Means of Preventing Substance Abuse Relapse Essay

Exercise as a actor of Preventing Substance Abuse Relapse - Essay ExampleThe situation may cause other illnesses associated with worthless eating habits. The multiple disorders caused by substance yell ar referred to as co-morbidity. The risk factors associated with substance abuse intromit the availability of the substance and peer influence. Many people start using alcohol. Young adults are likewise likely to start abusing drugs in order to fit in their peer groups. some other forged cause is the immaturity and difficulty in relating to parents. This has resulted in parents not even aware of their childrens occasional activities and doings. Other risk factors include poor management of problems in families. Studies also show that ADHD also increases the risks using drugs among children and adults. It is important to note that mental health disparities are also recorded among the substance users. Another major catalyst for the increase in alcohol abuse is the economic prob lems. Individuals who lack financial capabilities are more likely to have more mental problems connected with substance abuse because of their inability to set about medical help in time. The teachings of the targeted group about the effects of exercises will focus on ii Ericksons developmental stages. These stages are the intimacy versus isolation and the generative versus Stagnation. It will also focus on Piagets development concepts within the Formal Operational Stage. The cognitive abilities developed at this stage include logical thinking and deductive reasoning, starting from adolescent years to adulthood.

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