Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Importance Of Netpulses Technologies For Beach Bum In Relation To Essay

The Importance Of Netpulses Technologies For Beach Bum In Relation To The Basic Lessons Learned In The Readings - Essay Example In the strategic planning process, information technology (IT) can enable a company to ensure that its products are of utmost quality and its services are user friendly consequently increasing customer retention and contentment. The discussion aims to recognize the importance of IT related services provided by Netpulse for Beach Bum, a gym facility providing organization. The strategies will be illustrated with the help of the implemented information systems. Assessment of the Importance of Netpulse’s Technologies for Beach Bum in Relation to the Basic Lessons Learned in the Readings Beach Bum, a business initiative to operate gym facility on the beach has desired to create a value driven partnership with Netpulse, a technological solution providing organization in order to augment customer contentment with the provided facilities. Netpulse’s technology can enable members of the gym to design their experience while they are working out. It can enable members to select t heir options from various available programs provided by Netpulse such as movie trailers, music videos and television shows among others. With reference to the context, it is assumed that Beach Bum will introduce Netpulse’s technologies as a tool of strategic planning.

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